8. 5. 2008

Using template in GIMP

Jelikož v poslední době jsem několikrát na různých serverech vysvětlovala, jak se používají TEMPLATE v Gimpu, tak jsem včera spíchla návod :) Najdete ho ZDE


How to use templates in gimp? Tutorial you can fing HERE (in czech, but in pictures :-)

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orachel řekl(a)...

Hi there! Just thought i'd let you know for those who are using gimp and are english speaking. I know PS and I know gimp a lil bit. Using a template in gimp is just about identical to using it in PS (or any other layer program, really). So hope that helps!! I know theres a tut on using layered psd files in gimp on gimptalk.com, which is an english gimp website. Tons of other gimp tuts there, too!

Thanks so much for your lovely freebies!

APRILMOUSE řekl(a)...

Hi Orachel, thanks :)
I know about english tuts, but I´m makin foolproof tutorials for girl who don´t speak english and there is many of them in czech :) I´m using photoshop too and GIMP only for helping them :)
Have a nice day!