14. 9. 2008

Stripped LO´s by Aprilmouse :)

Neodolala jsem a vyzkoušela pruhované papíry a kit Temptation :)

all from Temptation by Aprilmouse and Hanulienka, frame overlays - SBS_WornPhotoOverlays

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Anonymní řekl(a)...

ahoj, tady mas jendo oceneni.

dazou řekl(a)...

ahoj, tady mas jedno oceneni. tvoje(vase) prace je fantasticka.

Dazou řekl(a)...


Denise řekl(a)...

I love the 'talk' layout. I don't mean to imply I don't like the other but I love how the 'talk' lo looks. Did you do this with one of your kits? Would you share how you made the photo look old around the edges? Thanks so much.


***EvA*** řekl(a)...

Sweet LO... I love it... :))