8. 3. 2009

TUTORIAL - fotka do tvaru písma

Tak jsem si říkala, že je na čase zase udělat nějaký ten návod :) a pustila se do screenshotů... a jak tak tvořím, najednou koukám, že mám ločko :) Takže nejdřív to ločko - je celé z našeho kitu WHITE FROST

a ted slibované návody - pro oříznutí fotky podle písma.

návod pro photoshop - TADY

návod pro GIMP - TADY


I did a new tutorial - Cut photo by text shape - and this layout is by-product :) Tutorial is unfortunately only in czech...

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Lorena Digital Designs řekl(a)...

Děkuji moc za tento tutorial. Je to skvělé. Utíkal jsem váš tutoriál prostřednictvím překladatele a, i když není dokonalý, je to dost dobré pochopit a následovat. Myslel jsem, že možná budete mít zájem o to.

Photo in the shape of the font - photoshop

Photo cut into písmenek whole effect is not complicated, it's actually a text layer is used as a template. We have the background picture (warning, it must be a suitable photo, that must be enough background. If you use the portrait, it may look bad ). Write the word you want to carve, using a very large font. When it is thin, so there will then see shit:) Just write to a smaller font, then click on the layer with the writing (only 1 to as ceased to write) and then via ctrl T can be draging the corners of all the text by needs expand.

Now přehodíme layer with text under the photo. Click on the Layers panel on the layer with your photo and Ctrl + G or Ctrl + Alt + G (v psopu 9 and above) - the photo is cropped in the shape of which is below it, ie the font. Maybe to fit exactly (it's quite likely) - but you can use the transfer of the photo run and you will see that actually only moves the cutout. štelujem until we are satisfied:) at this stage, you can also easily switch back to the layer with the characters and change the font or size. All will automatically show the picture on the ořízlé

To improve the effect, it is appropriate to add a layer with point! (careful, do not add anything to the picture, it will not appear) to be cast a shadow or bevel effect. Try:)

this example - it should be the play, there can make all kinds of effects:)

To bestrew letters and achieve a similar effect, as I have to lock it up? first we must connect the text layer to layer photos. RASTRUJTE layer with the characters - right on the Cape and Raster layer.

Now combine into one so that you are in the layer to view with pics and give ctrl E (to merge with the active layer under it) - it happens from the whole picture, and normally a single layer so it can work. Use the rectangular selection to select letters

and then just give the Ctrl + X (exempt) and Ctrl + V (paste) and HUP! We have a letter in its own layer:) here and talk to him you can shoot as you please.

Maybe this :)

Further instructions for Photoshop, see here

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